What a Day!

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Wow, what a terrific day! I only have two complaints (because, naturally, I just have to complain):

  1. I wasn't as fully invested as I could have been; I've got seven figures of buying power laying around, and on a day like this, of course, I'd prefer to have every penny at risk. At least my personal account, which is strictly puts, was completely committed.
  2. Late in the day, I tried to hedge against a possible PPT play by going long /ES and IWM; I closed both of those out, each for a couple thousand buck loss. Oh, well.

I think today was the best dollar gain I've had since February, so I am absolutely delighted. I am particularly pleased at the hammering that precious metals received, since I've been loudly bearish on gold (drawing out everyone from the Divine Church of Precious Metals to tell me how wrong I am).

I'm being interviewed in a few minutes, so I'm going to bow out, and I'm going to have some family time the rest of the day. I'll do a post tonight.

Hearty congratulations to all the stalwart bears who have suffered all the fraudulent nonsense these past three months and are finally retaking control of the market. Your profits are well-deserved.