Eerie Calm

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Last night, I started reading Brett Steenbarger's book, Enhancing Trader Performance (because, God knows, the prior eight days I've felt like I could use some real enhancing).

The first chapter starts off with a couple of traders, Al and Mick. They are both trading the e-mini S&P, and they're both having rough days. The first one, Al, keeps his cool, changes his strategy when needed, and steps away from the markets for lunch to collect himself and do better when he gets back. The second, Mick, is furious with himself, angrily re-analyzes his mistakes to zoom in on where he screwed up, and in general seems like a psychological mess.

The surprise is that Mick is the one who's actually a really successful trader. I imagine most readers, like me, were expecting Al to be the hero. I'm only one chapter into the book, so I'm intrigued to learn more about this paradox.

You can imagine I'm having an absolutely horrible day in the markets. I am eerily calm about it (like "Al", which is distressing, I suppose). I imagine, even years from now, I will regarding my failure to take advantage of the rise from mid-March to now as one of the biggest mistakes of my trading life. But what's done is done.

At this point, I'm going to clear my mind, go through all the charts again, and find out what I see. The bulls are having an absolutely field day, though. Incredible.