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I'll start off with a minuscule bit of good news – I figured out how to make it so that clicking the logo sends you back to the Slope home page. A technological breakthrough! Anyway, some people have asked, so there you go.

I quite obviously have been getting out of sorts this week, so I dusted off my copy of Trading in the Zone and am re-reading it. I'm only halfway through at this point, but the main takeaways so far have been:

  • Absolutely zero blame – you and you only are responsible for the results you attain from your interaction with the market. Credit and blame go nowhere else. Not the PPT. Not Goldman. Not the evil leprechauns. Just you.
  • Fearless – the book goes to great length to discuss how to make the market something of which you are utterly unafraid. This is the key to giving yourself an absolutely neutral disposition toward the market. It isn't a friend. It isn't an enemy. It simply is.

Good luck today.

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