So What Happened?

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I first want to apologize to my readers for my dour nature today. I'm kind of a depressive chap to begin with, and three days of the bulls pushing their horns into my eyeballs doesn't help my already flimsy spirit. So that's probably seeped through quite a bit, particularly today. Take note of the new logo.

But I hope you can understand. This week has been the worst three days of my trading life so far. I've slipped down 8% of my overall portfolio, and it's more demoralizing than I can say to have multiple weeks' worth of extremely hard work destroyed in short a short amount of time. Climbing my way up Profit Mountain doesn't mean anything if I'm kicked down into the valley so quickly.

The only trade I'm really upset at myself about, of course, is TBT. That was a really good long play, and I blew it. I really hope others made good money on that idea, because it was solid. But otherwise, the simple fact of the matter is that I was on the wrong side of the market in a very big way. I loaded up on shorts and puts all over the place, and the 500 point rise in the Dow so far this week has been agonizing.

I don't think I'll feel like uttering the words "head" and "shoulders" any time in the near future. That was a massive fakeout, and it really hurt a lot of bears. I'll do a little post later, but you can understand how it's a little hard to get excited about discussing charts at the moment.