Misspent Youth

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There was a time in human history – – ending in the early 1980s, I suppose – – when Saturday morning television belonged to the children.

As a child in the tasteless 1970s, I spent my share of time in front of the TV watching the low-budget junk they churned out. At the time, I loved it, but it retrospect, it's pretty embarrassing. Take a look at this gem, which was actually one of the better shows of the day………..

A few things occur to me while seeing this:

  • I wonder if the Evangelical crowd freaked out that the Greek "gods" were Billy's source of his superpowers. You just know at some point there must have been a letter campaign.
  • Was a hemisphere of colorful lights really the best user interface to the immortals?
  • During the moral lesson, is there a reason Captain Marvel's jaws are clenched together? Are they wired shut? Or does he simply want to show us his Pepsodent smile?

It's a pity my brain is filled with the likes of this – – to say nothing of the other shows of this era – – instead of more important matters.