YouTube Favorites

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An important part of the delicate cultural fabric which makes up Slope of Hope is the pastiche of peculiar videos that are posted here. Their only uniform property is that they are all, to some degree, disturbing.

Pickle Surprise – what is it?

Cock of the Walk – when respect for the morbidly obese was even lower than today.

Strawberry Shortcut – a companion recipe to Pickle Surprise.

Christian Clown – I’d love to show you part two, but it seems to have disappeared.

Chocolate Rain – raise your neighborhood insurance rates.

Japanese/English – be warned, NSFW.

Charlie the Unicorn – the original and the only of the series worth watching.

Farting Preacher – even Jesus will not be able to forgive him.


And, of course, an entire array of Don Hertzfeldt animation…..

Finally – MST3K Shorts