Beat the Meetles

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People often make glowing remarks about "California weather", particularly if they are visitors. This term usually gets deployed during instances of sunny, hot days. When it's sunny and hot, and people gush about California weather, I want to beat them with a beach umbrella.

There are three kinds of California weather I really like:

  1. Heavy snows – the kind of fluffy stuff that comes down for hours and makes for thigh-deep powder skiing;
  2. Fog-bound mornings with absolutely grey skies and a cool mist everywhere you turn;
  3. And the weather we had today – clear skies, strong breezes, and temperatures in the mid-60s.

That third category I find particularly exhilarating. There's something so uplifting about a blustery day; it feels like everything is being swept clean by nature. I confess it's one of the few times I feel really happy.

But you didn't come here for a weather report. The trouble is, I didn't come here to talk about the stock market either. I've got some other things to do: among them, set up and play with the new Beatles Wii game we got (complete with drum set, guitars, and so forth). I've never had any music games before (like Rock Band or Guitar Hero), but I love music, and I love the Beatles particularly, so this should be a kick.

I'll probably do a post much later tonight. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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