Drama Queens

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Here's a term I haven't used in a long time – comment cleaner – which is what this post is. I used to do comment cleaners when we would approach (gasp) 100 comments, but this is nuts – – we're at something like 500 now on a Friday evening. So I'll just say one other thing to give some relief to all the scroll wheels out there.

Two things surprised me about my bold prediction earlier today:

  1. The whole "Atilla" schtick. I like Atilla, and I respect him, but I think those remarks were meant to be snarky. In other words, if someone sticks their neck out and actually makes a firm prediction, they are subject to derision. That's why no one can really pin down the chuckleheads on CNBC; because they don't actually say anything.
  2. More importantly, a lot of people got ticked off that I was thinking the market would "only" go to 600, which was only 10% beneath this March's lows. Ummm, let me explain something – – –  I don't go about this by (a) deciding some zany, attention-getting level for the market to fall to and then (b) form-fitting an analysis to produce a concocted result. I mean, Prechter (and Rainbow) are calling for the Dow to get to 400. I think the government would sooner close the equity markets than allow anything to go to that level. Anyway, 440 points off the S&P would suit me just fine, thank you very much. There's plenty I can do with that.

Anyway, I've said my piece, and time will tell.