Hedging My Bets

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I am concerned about what fun and games are left in store for us the rest of the month, particularly with the FOMC tomorrow, so I am going to populate one of my accounts with ten longs as a safety net.

All of them basically look like the graph below………


………and share these common properties:

  1. Plenty of "open air" on the upside;
  2. A nice relationship between volume and price;
  3. A clean breakout above a consolidation zone

The specific stocks, and their stops, are below. These are not "lottery plays", but more run-of-the-mill long choices.

AB 24.69 400 

AIMC 9.20 

BBEP 10.69 

CPX 10.14 

DRYS 5.86 

LLL 79.86 

PCX 11.57 

SD 12.42 

FMCN 8.83 

HERO 5.63 

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