Snark and Despair All the Rage

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Wow, and I thought emotions were running hot last week. Things are spiraling out of control.

I am getting emails from people that are quitting trading. That has never happened to me – not in five years of doing this – that people are out-and-out quitting. But they are.

I'm getting despairing messages from fellow bloggers that they are about to quit.

And – most telling of all – the level of snark is reaching new heights. I just got this in my email box:


What's kind of interesting to me about all this is the following…………

Back when the bears were ruling the land, and we were making money hand over paw………

  1. I was never tempted – not even once – not even a little – to scamper around to other blogs and post nasty messages, or to telephone bulls that I knew to laugh at them, or to send hate mail to bullish bloggers. Zero. Never. Not once. It didn't even cross my mind. So it's bizarre that these unmarried male punks in their 20s (and that's what most of them are, I assure you) feel the need to pull these stunts.
  2. Collectively, as a group, do you remember what we did when we had really fantastic profits? We would share ideas about charities to whom we could donate cash, and all kinds of good ideas were exchanged. I personally gave away a lot of money last October during one of our charity flings, and so did a lot of other Slopers.

People tend to think of bears as evil and nasty, but from my experience, bulls win that award, hands-down.