Market Goggles (by Biffermas)

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seeds aren’t sprouting… 

The banks
are effectively insolvent… 

The job
market continues its plummet…

is facing further inventory spikes…

American consumer has changed habits… 

the stock market is enjoying an historic rally…


read practically every entry on the Slope forum while trolling for comical
snippets.  One assumption I see
frequently made is the equation of the general macroeconomic reality with the
markets, i.e. one equals the other.  The
economy is not the market, and the market is not the economy.  They are two separate entities that
influence one another but can remain disconnected for long periods of time, as
2009 should clearly demonstrate.  

Tonight, after drinking a few glasses of cheap liquidity, feel free to
take Ms. Market home when the bar closes (or Ms. SRS), but realize she’s not the economy and might look very different tomorrow.  Your trading, and your mornings will be far more enjoyable.