Chart From The Comments (Thursday)

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Yet another round-up of a few salient charts that were posted to the comment section of SOH today. Enjoy and discuss.

redvetttes posted: "Q's on the bottom trend line again." (link to his chart)

springheel_jack posted:

Natural Gas disappoints the bulls as ever:


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Tarhini_Trade posted:

Gooooooood morning ladies and gentlemen…this is your captain speaking.
Please go ahead and check your maps on the screen in front of you.


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auger posted three charts covering GLD (here), SLV (here) and GDX (below):

GDX pennant forming:


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facesincabs posted:

Here is an observation I made last night using the $INDU

this $INDU chart, the key here for bulls is valid follow through. BTW,
I have not even looked at the markets yet today, but a quick glance
tells me that the NASDAQ is showing relative weakness to the other major
indexes (e.g., yesterday it briefly diverged from this recent trend).


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St. Deluise posted:

Doing some fib extrapolation (green fibs), i am thinking the top of this
rally will be around 1099 (~1003 SPX) based on how well that jives with
current price action, around July 19th using fib time series as well
(which also predict a ST high tomorrow (1079) and a ST bottom (1067) on
the 13th.

This is mostly a goof but for the record using the
same methods i did manage to predict a low of 996 which is about as good
as you're going to get from the likes of me.


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