Harmonic Convergence

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Howdy Late Night Slopers………

Actually, by the time I put up something new, it'll be well into the morning, so perhaps that salutation has a short shelf life.

I just finished a nighttime swim, and as afflicted as I am with blogger's guilt (that is, feeling bad about not posting more frequently today……..some blogs that shall not be named are not affected by this syndrome……cough cough) I wanted to put up something fresh.

I'm struck by the "convergence" of data swarming around the notion of a hard fall somewhere around August 1st. Namely:

+ The Arch Crawford "Cardinal Climax" that's been mentioned here a few times;

+ The very plausible prediction laid out this morning by Springheel Jack;

+ Most importantly to me, the final culmination of the WAG, which calls for a hearty fall down to around 875 on the S&P, which will be the best (and pretty much last) hurrah for the bears in 2010.

I like it when diverse perspectives line up like this. If we actually see a hard tumble anywhere around this date, I think it's time for some cheers (and deeper exploration).

For myself, I remain entirely short, and I've scared up a few dozen more opportunities that I'll short Thursday, if the conditions are right.

I'm going to get some sleep. I'll see you Thursday morning.