Nathaniel’s “Death Cross” Confusion (by Nathaniel Goodwin)

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The Colonel and I are staying with my mom this week, we attended the Devo show on Friday night and it was awesome. Go see them if you get a chance. Unfortunately; Ted and Brew are still living in my old room, and we are sleeping in the basement. The basement isn’t too bad but Brew comes down to use the “Pittsburgh Toilet” like 10 times a day.

If you know what a Pittsburgh toilet is, then you know that it doesn’t have much privacy, (ask Taz if you don’t believe me). The lack of privacy doesn’t seem to bother Brew at all, even though I find it uncomfortable. Ted is also being a dick, threatening to press charges for the whole Dr. Ramon poisoning thing a couple months ago unless I do him a “favor”.

Lots of fans at the Devo show seemed concerned and confused about the 50 day 200 day “death cross”, so when we got back to my mom’s house I did some research. If we look at the run up from 2003-2007, I see the cross two times. Those were certainly not too profitable signals to go short. I also see that the death cross has not happened yet in the RUT, DJ20, COMPX or NDX-100. (Many of those also had false “death cross” signals in the 2003-2007 period)


Note, I’m using the SMA and not the EMA like that good post earlier today. I’m not sure which is better to use in this situation, but I think that is why some people say the cross is no big deal. I don’t believe it’s something that should be ignored, but I’m not going to bet the farm short on it either.