On Becoming a Leader (or Trader!) (by Leisa)

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This is a bit of a comment cleaner. I often recommend this to young people who are finding their way.  For many of us 'older' people, it's a good way to reflect on our skills and experience and juxtapose those against what we are currently doing.

I think it is appropriate for developing traders (and I consider myself to be in this category) to figure out what type of trader s/he wants to be, by focusing on his/her personal traits and motivations. One could substitute "market" for "organization" I hope that you enjoy this.

On Becoming a Leader

Warren Bennis

(1989, Perseus Books)

How can you best express you?

The first test is knowing what you want, knowing your abilities and capacities, and recognizing the difference between the two.

The second test is knowing what drives you, knowing what gives you satisfaction, and knowing the difference between the two.

The third test is knowing what your values and priorities are, knowing what the values and priorities of the market  the market are, and measuring the difference between the two.

The fourth test is – having measured the differences between what you want and what you're able to do, and between what drives you and what satisfies you, and between what your values are and what the organization' market's values are – are you able and willing to overcome those differences. (pp 123-127)