The Analog Update

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I revisited my 1937-1942 analog this afternoon. I've hand-marked up the charts, but I didn't feel like scanning them in, because the last 30 minutes of the day's trading left me ticked-off and, thanks to our dear friends as GS, disillusioned just like I was prior to mid-April.

So instead of sharing every little wiggle with you, I'll simply point out approximately where we are in the analog; here is the 1937-1939 chunk, with our "target" circled:


We could still climb higher from here; anywhere in that cyan-tinted area would be acceptable. If and when we do flip down, assuming the analog holds (as it has for nearly two years now), we'll fall to somewhere in that magenta range. The range is huge, I realize, but my guess is 9000 on the Dow, plus or minus a hundred points or so.


I'm really bummed that a 20-point slaughter of GOOG isn't doing a thing for the equity bear after hours. It'll be good to get yet another OPEX out of the way. Good night.

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