The Final Throes of (…no, no, not wave 2….) the Comment System

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Good evening, hard-core Slopers and Slopettes!

The official Tim Knight comment system is nearing its birth, but we need your help as midwives. There have been a number of improvements, including:

+ Elimination of some nasty-ass bugs;

+ Ability to crop your profile picture;

+ Most important, the ability to choose from three styles of updating:

Show in Place – which is the smart kind that keeps that hierarchy intact and apparently drives people crazy

Show Separately – which blithely tacks on new comments to the end

Disabled – which doesn't update automatically at all

There will, in the weeks and months to come, be many improvements to the system, so don't ask for heaven and earth right now. Just help me make sure it doesn't erase your hard drive or anything. Go to the test page here, and leave remarks/bug reports in the comments section of that page.

Thanks every so!