The Hypnotic Market

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The market continues to resemble an EKG with some faulty circuitry. I have become accustomed to big profits swooshing to big losses and then back again, even on an hour-to-hour basis.

At the moment, my portfolio is virtually unchanged, which I feel pretty decent about since the IWM is up 0.52% as I am typing this. I'm listening to They Might Be Giants, and "Spiraling Shape" seems to capture this market beautifully ("And now that you've tried it, you're back to report/That the spiralling shape was a fraud and a fake……") There's a gent on YouTube who does an amazing job with TMBG songs on his piano, so I've placed his video below, along with the core lyrics.

You have been edified.

Down, down, down you go

No way to stop

As you fall, hear me call

No, no, no

Listen to this warning and

Consider these

Simple words of advice

Stop, stop, stop

Fogging the view, cupping face to the window

In darkness you make out a spiralling shape

Putting all reason aside you exchange

What you got for a thing that's hypnotic and strange

The spiralling shape will make you go insane

(Everyone wants to see that groovy thing)

But everyone wants to see that groovy thing

(Everyone wants to see that thing)

And nobody knows what it's really like

But everyone says it's great

And they heard it from the spiral in their eyes

This could lead to excellence

Or serious injury

Only one way to know

Go, go, go

Go ahead, wreck your life

That might be good

Who can say what's wrong or right?

Nobody can

Put out your hands and you fall through the window

And clawing at nothing you drop through the void

Your terrified screams are inaudible drowned

In the spiral ahead and consumed in the shape

And now that you've tried it, you're back to report

That the spiralling shape was a fraud and a fake

You didn't enjoy it, you never believed it

There won't be a refund, you'll never go back

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