40 Stocks Prime For Shorting (By Ryan Mallory)

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The screen below are for those stocks that have been on a solid
uptrend of late, but are starting to show signs of breaking down
along with a loss of interest by the street as a whole. So if
you are looking to short this market (which in my humble
opinion, is a great idea), use the list below as bit of a primer to
get your bearish energies flowing. Most of these stocks look pretty
good when just looking at price and volume from a long-term
perspective, however, what is concerning is some of the glaring
bearish divergences that are popping up. One such indicator is the
Time Segmented Volume – TSV that shows all of the stocks below in the
negative, which is a good indicator that the longs are starting to
get a bit skittish in their current positions, and are taking profits
as a result.

The industries popping up the most in the list below are Farm &
Construction Machinery, Air Delivery, Semiconductor, and Oil & Gas.
So zoom in on those guys first.

Here are 40 Stocks Prime for Shorting

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