Jerking Back and Forth

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There's a new version of ProphetCharts (a product you can learn so-much-more-about here!) and I wanted to point out a couple of spiffy new features.

First off, there are "Previous" and "Next" buttons, located to the left of the symbol entry. These let you thumb back and forth through charts you have seen before. For instance, if you enter ten symbols, you might want to "flip back" to see what you were just looking at, so these buttons let you move back and forth through your symbol history, much like a browser.


We've also added Sectors, a new module. This is really terrific, not only because the sectors and sub-sectors have individual symbol components, but also because the sectors and sub-sectors themselves are chartable! I had great fun last night looking at 10-year daily line graphs of these various groups. "Top-down" traders are going to love this!


I hope you enjoy these new ProphetCharts goodies; there are more on the way all the time.