Slopefest East in Three Weeks!

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I got this important email from Iggy:

I contacted the restaurant and they have no problem at all with separate checks for a group this size. Therefore… you're all on your own for food and beverage.  I will NOT be collecting any money at the event for dinner.  Saves me a lot of trouble and makes it fair and easy for everyone.

If an "after party" does materialize, those taking part can chip in for refreshments or whatever is decided on.  There are a lot of bars and nightlife there at Broadway At the Beach so who knows, we may end up there and doing our own things.

As far as attire, I was serious about it being casual.  How casual you want to be is up to you of course.  Shorts?  Maybe… Even Iggy may put on his big boy pants for a change.  ;-)

Really looking forward to the event folks.  Can't wait to meet and see you all.

There are already more attendees at Slopefest East than attended the original event. There's more information about the event here (although you can ignore the stuff about sending money). Come join the fun!