The Check’s In the Mail

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Based on what I'm reading in the news, there seem to be some basic facts that some of my brethren on Earth are unfamiliar with, and I therefore feel it is my duty to shed some light on these matters. Let's begin:

+ If you are waiting for a bus, and a full bus pulls up, and the driver says there is another bus right behind him………there isn't.

+ If you are filling your car at a gas station, and a bedraggled man comes up to you with a gas can, explaining that his car ran out of gas a mile up the road, and he needs a few dollars to get gas for it…….he doesn't really have a car, and he really isn't going to use the cash to buy gas.

+ If a billionaire gets in front of a television camera and says optimistic things about the economy, he doesn't necessarily believe the words coming out of his mouth. He just wants to spur public confidence and try to goose people into buying stuff so that he can increase his own prosperity.

+ If you ask someone in Vegas how their gambling is going, and they tell you they are breaking even…..they are not breaking even. They have, in fact, lost money.

+ And, finally, if the government bribes people into buying houses with a tax credit, and that tax credit has an expiration date, you can rest assured that any latent demand to purchase property is going to get mopped up by that tax credit, and you shouldn't be at all surprised when sales figures plummet once the tax credit is gone.

Are we clear? Good. It seems a few people might have missed that last point in particular.