The Lame-O

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This has been a very good week for me, but one instrument I've struck out on repeatedly is FXE, which matches the Euro/US Dollar movement.

I entered a very large long position on FXE yesterday, and as the Euro climbed last night, I thought this was going to be a winner today. Unfortunately, it's been a dog – – and it has repeatedly been so quite a few times this week. The only person happy with my trades on FXE this week has been my broker.

Here's what EUR/USD has looked like recently:


And here's a longer-term view, with the portion shown above highlighted with the red rounded rectangle:


So I've dumped FXE……..yet again……at a loss. I currently have 8 small long positions (BYD, CPX, CSR, CUB, LCC, PGN, WL, and XEL) and 182 shorts, although I'm snipping those here and there. I am trying to lighten up to some degree, since I confess Mondays have me a bit freaked because of their past behavior.