Where was Monday’s Volume?

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I happened to be off the radar on Friday, with no account access.  That’s probably for the best, as I most likely would’ve broken my own rules, threw my spine out the window, and covered my XRT position.  But, as luck would have it, I was unable to wuss-out, and was around to ride the drop today.

So I think I recall seeing a couple posts today talking about the light volume… backed by IBD’s article header: U.S. Stocks Fall Hard In Soft Volume.  So where was the volume today?  Looks like (some of) it was in XRT- an 86% volume increase above the 15 day average, on a -2.5% down-day:


Note that this presently looks like nothing more than the aforementioned short term hop- to kiss the underside of the cloud- only to drop away.

Both the MACD and RSI continue to look anemic:



I think the pattern remains lame, so unless I become pithed for some reason, I’m sticking with it.  As I said before, I'm not in deep, but hope to be on a break below $34.50.

…and no sooner do I post this than I see this Barron's post: Retail Stocks Headed for a Markdown