Constant Comment

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As many of you have already noticed, there have been a couple of big improvements to my comment system. Specifically:

+ People have "ranks" now, prominently shown on the right edge of the screen; I'll be discussing this more in a moment;

+ Screen shots, YouTube videos, and other image links will now be displayed in indented thumbnails. Spiffy, huh?

The "80/20" rule very much applies to the world of comments, although it's more like the "99/1" rule. Here are the usernames of the most verbose commenters (I barely rank in the top ten!):


Now, let me say a bit about this whole "badge" thing. This is only the beginning of an entire series of badges that people are going to get. I'm starting off with a rank to express how devoted a Sloper is (by way of comments, "Likes", links posted, and so forth).

As of today – Wednesday – the ranking is WAY too generous, so tonight we're going to recalculate the ranks with a much more stringent system, so most of you can expect to be severely demoted with a corresponding drop in pay and benefits.

In any case, I have many new features coming in this new system, and I'll be introducing these bit by bit. Enjoy!