Getting Educated about Education (by Nathaniel Goodwin)

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Growing up I had a vast array of hobbies spanning everything from comic books, action figures, D&D, fine art, masturbation, tuba, computers/video games and myrmecology. My mom said I was a  modern day “homo universalis”, and most of my peers called me "homo" for short. Above all others, my favorite hobby as a young lad was waking up early and going to School.
I have just recently moved back into my apartment with the Colonel, and have sort of been out of the loop market wise. I was shocked to see how beaten up a bunch of educational stocks have been over the past month, and sort of feel bad for them. I’ve been bullied and beaten up on the playground, and can relate.

Perplexed; I asked the Colonel if any bad news had came out about education or whatever to make them tumble the past month. He said, “School and education is for idiot-morons, like yourself cuz! That crap can go to hell!”

He then stated that by throwing me out of the apartment for a month to live on the streets, he was giving me the gift of a true education which I should cherish more than any diploma or GED. I’m honored to have a sensei like the Colonel, I knew he was throwing me out of the apartment for a deeper reason than just letting Stun Gun sleep in his room.

Here are some educational stocks I will be watching, and maybe go long if they pull back in the near future.

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Good luck and remember; crack is wack, stay in School!