Hurricanes Suck (by Nathaniel Goodwin)

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I wasn't planning on doing a post this week, I'm terribly busy working on some sort of shelter to protect me from this hurricane that might hit. Stun Gun and I are working around the clock trying to reinforce our cardboard home.

Here are some quick chart updates…. 

TLT (2) 


I think TLT has topped, it hit resistance. $TNX hit support. Bears couldn't crack that down-sloping black trendline in SPX, now the rising black trendline is going to be some support. Unless we plunge down with force below it very quickly, it could act as support and we might keep drifting up.

Finally, I saw some great advice from many on an earlier post. I hope everyone is okay. My biological father would drink whiskey and gin to help him through tough times. I suffer from acid reflux, and don't recommend that at all. I prefer boxed wine mixed with 7-up or gingerale. I also like good tunes to lift my spirits. (I apoligeze for any spelling errors in this post and the crude charts, I'm drunk and my spell cherker is not working)