Slopefest-II, 2010 (by Leisa)

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Bacon (This was Iggy's breakfast this a.m.)

Hopefully by now all Slopers who made the pilgrimage to Myrtle Beach are safe at their homes. My effigy of Tim was quite realistic.  I bet you couldn't tell him from the real thing! Unfortunately, I did not have my laptop with me, so I was unable to post.  Due to the labyrinth of  complex security levels on the Slope, those with laptops were unable to do a post.   So while I have the power to zap the blog into infinity, I cannot moderate.  And moderators cannot post.  It is likely a good segregation of duties.

First, thanks to Iggy for instigating this get together. He did all of the planning and put together coolie cups and name tags.  Second, thanks to Ms. Iggy who worked tirelessly behind the scenes (to include being conscripted into tin-foil haberdashery).  Third, thanks to the Slopers who carved out some time in their off-line lives to make the journey, and their intrepid, "why-the-hell-are-you-doing-this?" traveling companions.  As you can see from the smiling faces in some of the pictures, everyone had a great time.  Slopefest is truly about friendship and camaraderie.  Slopers in person are just weird enough to be interesting and not a wit more weird than that!

Thanks to Tim for journeying forth to visit with Slopers.  Tim's blog is a labor of love, and if you don't know that, then you've not been paying attention.  He has created quite a community here, and this second Slopefest was a chance to celebrate that community.

Photos are being compiled, edited for taste and suitability for this audience (oh, nevermind!). They'll be compiled in an eye-pleasing way, accompanied by ear-pleasing music and available at a budget-pleasing price (free!).

We raised a glass to toast all of our great Slopers here.  Clink!  Clink!

Here are just a FEW pictures…..

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3 


Sergio has nothing on TK–babe magnet.



  I've not labeled these as I do not know the preferences of individuals for names.