A Couple of Comments on Comments

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The community is what makes Slope of Hope great, and the basis for the community is Slope's own comments system.

People have been making good use of the new system, but I wanted to offer a couple of reminders. First, it's really important to click "Like" on stuff you like. It only takes a moment, and it's really valuable to the rest of the community.

Giving a comment a Like does two good things: (1) It makes it really easy for other readers to find the best comments; there have been many occasions where I didn't feel like reading 700 comments, so I simply clicked Sort by Rating – Highest First to see the best stuff (2) It boosts the commenter's rating on the system. Let's face it, if someone offers a really good comment (or a link, a chart, or what have you), they deserve a point-up.

So if you see something you like, please invest a moment to express yourself…..


The other thing I wanted to mention is that if you precede a stock symbol (which, by definition, is in ALL CAPS) with a dollar sign, it will make that stock symbol hyperlink to a lot of other good information about that stock, including a chart. The dollar sign won't appear in the comment itself, but it will make the symbol clickable and, thus, much more useful.


The Sloper community is unique on the web, and the comments system is the glue that helps us stick together. Following these two tips will make the comments system a richer experience for all of us; thanks!