Bountiful America

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I originally put this picture into a draft post early today, just to have a comment-cleaner to toss out there. However, I had occasion to walk into WalMart today, and Holy Mother of God, it was an eye-opener.

I had never really be in a WalMart before, and it was like instantly stepping into the third world. I know of all the sites that show the customers that go there, and I've read an article or two recently about the hellish conditions of employment there.

But still……..I was instantly struck by the fact that WalMart was nothing more than Really Lame Target. When a place makes Target look spiffy and fashionable, you know something's really wrong.

And it's not like this was a run-down old store; this was one of the newer ones, in a pretty decent complex in Mountain View.

Anyway, you can't argue with success, right? They are the largest employer on the planet, right? And a fantastic retail phenomenon? Right? All the same……..what a shithole. I felt like buying some rope at the Rollback price and hanging myself.