Setting a Target for AAPL

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I imagine one of two of you might have heard that AAPL announces earnings after the close today. My dumb guess is that they'll have great profits and the stock will soar (not necessarily GOOG-like, but get higher nonetheless). I am not confident enough in this shot-in-the-dark guess to actually buy any, but God knows I wouldn't short the stuff.

In any case, I think even if this is a blow-out, AAPL isn't going to get above $375. That sounds pretty conservative, I realize, since AAPL is already at $317, but I'm talking about the rest of the year, and probably well beyond that. A very long term trendline, as well as a Fibonacci fan, converge to create a wall of resistance at about that level.

So if AAPL were, let's say, blast to $375 tomorrow (which would be incredible, to say the least), that is when I'd be comfortable shorting the living daylights out of it.