The PUG View

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I've obviously been pretty embittered about the entire world of EW, but one fellow – Pug – seems to have the admiration of most Slopers, and I'm checking his work out more and more frequently.

He kindly has indicated that I am welcome to share images from his site, which I appreciate. If I understand him correctly, he is looking for a drop on the /ES to ~1135. Considering the hellfire and brimstone we were discussing many moons ago, this sounds like bread crumbs, but at this point, I'm sure the bears would be positively ecstatic at even this modest a drop.

I should hasten to add that Pug sees this as simply one step toward about ~1250 on the S&P. The reason I find all of this so interesting is that it actually agrees beautifully with my own analog. The nominal prices are a little higher, but the "form" of the pattern is exactly the same.