Cool New Slope Features

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In case you haven't noticed already, there are some really spiffy new features in the comments section. Let's take a quick look:

First, in order to make it abundantly clear that there are all kinds of goodies lurking underneath, this subtle reminder appears when you mouse over a person's profile area:


Click it, and that yields this dialog box. The two new buttons here – Highlight and Ignore – let you do something to other Slopers. Any guess what that is? That's right! You can highlight and ignore them.


 An "ignored" Sloper's comments will not appear in your thread (although their avatar still will), and a "highlighted" Sloper's comments will be surrounded by a rectangle and put in boldface, as shown here:


You can also now add trading ideas. It's very simple for now – you can just enter stock symbols (not options, futures, credit default swaps, or iron condor spreads, for that matter). Just choose whether you are Buying or Shorting and enter the symbol – the system will track how you do over time. Of course, you can close any position later when you decide it's time to take a "profit" or stop the bleeding.

I hope you enjoy these new goodies; Slope is always in a state of getting better.