Newest Improvements to Comments

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There are a couple of big new features in the comments section on the test site (not live yet).

The first is the ability to enter a trading idea, either long or short. All you need to do is click the Trading Suggestion radio button, choose "buying" or "shorting" from the dropdown, and enter a symbol. The system will track all your longs and shorts, and you're able to close them out at any time. This is just the very beginning of a much larger feature, but it's a cool start.

Also – – and this is one I'm really excited about – – you can now Highlight or Ignore any Slopers.

For instance, if you really like someone's comments, you can go to their profile and choose Highlight, and from then on, all their comments will be highlighted (emphasized) in the comment thread.

On the other hand, if you've really had just about enough of any Sloper, you can click Ignore in their profile section, and none of their comments will appear (their avatar and name will, just to sustain the hierarchical integrity of the thread, but whatever they typed won't show up).


If you are not a total n00b and want to tinker with the new features, please try them out on the test site. I've said it before, but it bears repeating – – your account on the test site has nothing to do with your regular account, so if you've never used the test site, you'll need to create another account. In addition, your username and password on the test site are not the same as on the real Slope.

Any bug reports or suggestions, please leave in the comments section on the test site, not here. Thanks, and I'll release these new features to the production site once they're polished up!