The Real Pee Wee

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If you've ever heard US3's Cantaloop (and if you haven't, you'd better correct that by clicking here), you may have wondered – as I have – who made the introduction ("Ladies and gentlemen, as you know we have something special down here at Birdland this evening – a recording from Blue Note Records.….")

I always thought it was Ella Fitzgerald, but it turns out it was this really pissed-off black midget who was the M.C. for the Birdland Jazz Club. Check this out:

He had a reputation for being mean and demanding "tips" to the point of extortion. An explanation of this system is given by Bobby Hutcherson in an interview. He claims Marquette told him on his first day that he was not needed and that he should "pack your things and get on out of here." This did not occur as he had been asked to play, but Marquette still made Hutcherson's first night playing at the club difficult. Marquette intentionally announced his name wrong to embarrass Hutcherson and blew cigar smoke in his face to further the irritation. However once Marquette was paid his "tip" he announced Hutcherson's name correctly. This is said to have been a pattern for him and other musicians had similar stories of having to pay him to avoid public humiliation.

I mean……..he's a midget…..who runs a night club….abuses the talent…..and is a successful extortionist. How cool that can possibly be? Viscous has nothing on this guy. Here he is with Count Bassie – – Pee Wee is the 3' 9" guy on the left.


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