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Slope is one of the most popular, well-traveled blogs in the world of finance, and it's certainly the one with the most active comments section. Recently, however, there has been some behavior that has been disquieting to female Slopers and, unfortunately, has even caused some to leave the site permanently (Leisa springs to mind, since she was a vital member of the blog).

I am not conscious of any of my own behavior that is encouraging this kind of thing (e.g. posting of provocative avatars, racy links, offensive language), but I haven't been doing enough to curtail it. I want Slope to remain very open, but we should at least have enough decorum to not offend the women here on the blog.

I guess what I'm asking, as politely as I can, is to behave better. It's a lot more fun in here if there's someone besides just me and Iggy.


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