For Whom the Bell Trolls

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It seems that my declaration of a bull trap being set on March 11th – which was not only right, but Ungodly Right – attracted more than just derisive abuse from other financial blogs. It yielded hateful emails like this one, which I got shortly after posting my prediction:


I'm sorry, but you obviously are not much of a Trader.
Anyone looking at the ES chart that you posted that has been an active trader over the last 20 years would understand that we are in a classic A-B-C measured move where C=A at 1282.50
You just don't get it.
Oh and by the way, keep shorting those $5.00 stocks.
Seems like a great use of your trading capital.
I wonder how much this "Larry" puke is LOL-ing now. What a great guy, huh?
It's amazing the odd ways my efforts on this blog get rewarded by the trading public.