That’s What I Said

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On Wednesday of this week, I said a number of things in my market video:

+ "Some goofy nonsense will come from {the powers that be}….to help their bullish buddies out"

+ "I could see {the Dow 30} beating its way back to 12,000; were that to happen, stand out of my way, because I am going to short everything with a ticker symbol"

+ "The VIX has skyrocketed, which is another reason I'm not jumping up and down; it has to relax; it will get down to the low 20s again"

+ "Clearly some bounce is going to happen"

Well, all of this took place. By Friday, the Dow got to 11,972; the VIX got down to 23; the powers that be definitely intervened. And I shorted the market with both hands.

It's all perfectly easy, like on Wednesday evening, to say such things. After all, the wind was blowing our way. It's quite another thing to actually do something about it when the market is rocketing higher. Putting on a brave face during such events takes a certain disposition and no small amount of faith in one's methods.

The bottom line is that what I said would take place took place, and what I said I would do, I did. We'll see next week if I look like a genius or a moron.

If God is checking the blog, I'd prefer we skip the moron part. I've done my share of that role already.