Devo Does It Again

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OK, since everyone on the planet is talking about Apple, I'll talk about something totally different: Devo.

I know there are some non-fans of Devo here, but that's OK. This is still amazing for the rest of you. Their latest video, What We Do, finally came out last night, and it's a complete breakthrough. You can watch it here on the Mashable site, and don't just play it – – move it around. They shot it in 360, and while the video is playing, you can push your mouse around the video to see what's going on. There is a constant circus of activity, and I've watched it seven times already (the first of many viewings, I imagine).

Even if you're not into this kind of music, you should check it out. It's totally Slope. (Note: don't bother clicking the image below; if I could embed the video, I would have).