Read This Before Paying Your Taxes

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{Preamble: I am going to be driving for many hours, heading home, so I wanted to put this post up for prime-time viewing. I'll be back in the saddle late tonight with a comment-cleaner. Godspeed………}

I urge you to read the latest by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone. Read the whole article about how two wives of rich Wall Street executives got over $220 million in risk-free, non-recourse "loans" from you and me – – the hapless, pathetic taxpayers – – to do with whatever they please. It's this kind of bullsh*t that has funded this entire rally. And I will celebrate with my fellow Slopers when this entire charade collapses in a burning heap.

When I write my checks to the IRS and the State of California, I will keep in mind the truth……..

+ The money is going to completely go to waste;

+ The governments being funded are not going to survive; 

+ Social Security and Medicare are a cruel joke; I'll never benefit from these programs one iota;

+ No government has ever done me one bit of good; the millions I've given these clowns has gone one direction – away from me – and I will never benefit. It's just cash that's been thrown away. Yeah, yeah, taxes are what you pay to live in a society. I'd be happy to pay a flat, universal, 10% tax to provide the required services. That's all it would take to keep a well-run country humming.

People pay taxes today for one reason and one reason only: because they fear the government and its power to punish. So the relationship is entirely adversarial. Were it not for that, no one would pay.

So I'm sure you'll enjoy throwing your cash away every bit as much as I do. Read the article. Please! It'll piss you off, but at least it's the truth. To ignore such information is a willful act of ignorance.

As for Obama and his change you could believe it – – what a crock of crap. He's a wimp, pure and simple. Limpy, wimpy, and with respect to backbone, far too skimpy.

My hope for the future of this once-great nation of ours…….pray for rain.