Silver …. Interesting Day (by Leaf_West)

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Silver silver silver … its all over CNBC and even Tim danced with the devil earlier today!!  Volume on the SLV was at exhaustion type size … it will be interesting to see if price can push higher tomorrow/Wednesday.

SLV_April25, 2011_Daily

SLV_April25, 2011_30min

PSLV_April25, 2011_Daily

PSLV_April25, 2011_30min

I couldn't resist myself … I shorted via the double ETF at 3:40pm today LOL

$47.00 is the HOD for SLV and the VWAP finished today at $45.96 …. a failure to push above that $47-$46 area tomorrow could bring about some big selling at some point tomorrow. 

Edit … I see the volume on the SLV ended at 188.25 million versus 148.6 million back in November.  I'm going to hawk the SLV and silver equities tomorrow as there could be some good action there.