Turbo Tim – Keep your Eye on those Shells

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Further to my Monday comment on Steve Liesman, Turbo Tim Geithner's interview with Liesman this morning made me shake my head as well.  In essence Turbo Tim suggested that the President's plan to reduce the deficit would protect the middle class and social security while reducing over time the fiscal deficits.

I'm a simple man (no jokes please), but to me the government doesn't create anything.  It in essence takes resources from some parts of society and redistributes them (less the cost of running the various programs) to other members of society.

The unasked question (thanks to Liesman) if the deficit is going to be reduced and heaven forbid, the national debt paid down, who is going to pay for it?  Tim says not the middle class or seniors …. maybe one of the talking heads at CNBC might ask that simple question.

Cheers … in my cave with my loaded gun and cans of beans.