A Sloper’s Roadmap

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Some weeks ago, a reader wrote to me with his roadmap of the market, comparing 2008 with 2011. He just wrote me again, minutes ago, to remind me of the roadmap. Here's a portion of his email:

Sorry to hear you've been dealing with some trolls on your site of late. Anyway, you were kind enough to post my S&P Roadmap a month and a half ago. While I think its obnoxious when people tell you they were right about the market in hindsight, my S&P Roadmap has worked perfectly since its first posting on your site.  I'd love it if you'd post the attached chart as the similarities are breathtaking and I believe we just completed Leg 13 (rally up, corresponds to May 2008).  Perhaps it will add some clarity to a very murky market picture. I just loaded up on Jan 2012 124 Puts.  I have to trade a map that has worked so far!!

I have to admit, it's a really amazing analog. Here's the image; please click on it for a bigger picture with more clarity: