Stock and ETF Model

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1. NASDAQ: AMZN ( Inc.)

AMZN ranks 3,486 out of 3,514. It’s one of the top 50 shorts in our stock ranking model.

Value factors for AMZN are terrible including: Price to sales, Price to Book and Price to earnings growth relative to other stocks in our universe.  In addition, Wall Street analysts are concerned about the valuation of this stock causing the current price to be significantly higher than the average analyst consensus.  AMZN is also making less upward progress as it’s making new highs.  The ATR indicator is at it’s highs, which may indicate a change in trend may occur. 


2. NASDAQ: NFLX (Netflix Inc.)

NFLX ranks ranks 2,769 out of 3,514. The stock dropped over 70% in three months.

NFLX value related factors are also weak but the stock was also significantly boosted recently by short covering. Thus, since the stock passed $300, its precipitous fall was part due to the fact that there are few buyers of last resort for this stock.



3. NYSE: UGL (ProShares Ultra Gold)

The model has reflected that UGL is a top ranked ETF.  In our opinion, the rally may have legs, with support at $85 and the rising 200 SMA.