Gosh, What a Collapse!

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Well, in spite of repeated warnings from ol' Big Nose and Blubber Butt, the mere fact that the entire European continent seems headed toward a complete shipwreck isn't mattering a tinker's cuss. The Big Resolution this weekend, which G-20 demanded be finished by TODAY, amounted to little more than a bunch of dirty goblets and dishes that the catering had to deal with.

So at this point the promise is that by Wednesday – Honest! – – Honest Injun!! – – everything will be, like, totally figured out.

It's really pissing me off, beause until the Grand Plan is announced, I'm tying my hands. There is no way I want to get aggressively short with this Stupid Looming News on the horizon, which probably will be the shortable event of the year.

But until then, we can all gasp in awe at the absolute devastation being wrought as I'm typing this. There is not just one pip but multiple pips being shredded from the Euro! Hang on to your hats, everyone!