POTW: “It’s All Good”

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There's a phrase I first encountered about ten years ago that I'm sure you've heard – – or, God forbid, said – – many times: "It's all good."

This is the kind of trite, meaningless, catch-all phrase that drives me bananas. As best as I can tell, it can have a few different meanings:

+ "The situation about which you are expressing concerns doesn't merit our attention and thus should be dismissed."

+ "Your mildly offensive act is trivial enough that I pardon you."

+ "Your well-meaning concerns about my life are ill-founded. Accept my assurances that everything is not only fine, but also dandy."

I don't care what the topic is, but nothing is ever all good. Anyone who claims their life is good from end to end is either blind to its flaws or has achieved a satori of self-delusion.

May I suggest instead offering a slightly gruff but equally-as-effective "don't worry about it." It's short, it's sweet, and it has the same net result.