POTW: Enviro-Sanctimony

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As I set out to construct another ton-of-charts-that-should-be-a-video post, I'll offer another Peeve Of The Week.

This time it is environmental sanctimony. None other than George Carlin put together what I think is the best argument against gung-ho environmentalists in this hilarious but all-too-true clip. Now, I'm not tossing trash out of the car or setting forest fires. I own a Leaf, I recycle, and I do other "basics" to be a reasonably responsible citizen of Earth.

But things are starting to go too far. There's an entire brand of products called – – and I'm not making this up – – If You Care (another favorite comedian of mine, David Cross, has a bit about this brand, but I can't find it). Dumping guilt on unwary consumers seems to be the favorite M.O. these days.

And here in wealthy-but-green-since-I-believe-in-NIMBY Palo Alto, they've outdone themselves. I offer you the following, both of which I saw today:



That's right; garbage cans cannot stand in silent testimony anymore. You need to be reminded that you are contributing to………..landfill.

How do you live with yourself?