Todd Martin: Tool of Wall Street and Opinion Suppressor

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Good God Almighty; I just saw this clip over on ZeroHedge and just about barfed my bagels.

Todd Martin, Asia Equity Strategist at Societe Generale, went on Bloomberg and, in a trembling voice, bleeted how financial blogs (like, say, this one) should be regulated because it "isn't fair" that firms like his are regulated yet a blog that has opinions on the financial world isn't.

Hey, Todd, you can eat me, Tyler, and all my other friends in the "blogosphere." One of the few decent things left about the United States is its Bill of Rights, part of which mentions Freedom of Speech. So blow it out your ass, you overpaid permabull shill of the investment banking world.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, October 4th was the market's bottom. Take it from someone who must know a lot about them.