Evil Plan 25.0…………….down-up-DOWN!

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Well, if I do say so myself, EP 21.0 & 23.0 were pretty much on the mark;-)  Can we make it three in a row?  Probably not, but hey what the heck let's give it a try. 

I am more than tired of writing about the never ending Eurozone's twists and turns.  Instead, I thought a picture and video would spare us the agony of any further attempts at analysis of the incessant psycho financial system melt down drama unfolding on the old continent.  At this point, suffice it to say, that tiny Tim will implore the IMF/FED/ECB/BRICs Quatroika to come up with the applicable crazy glue, and like Humpty Dumpty of old, they will try to put all the king's men back together again.

The picture above on the left, is of the world's most insane roller coaster.  It lives in Cedar Point, Ohio.  It crystallizes for me where we are in the market today.  Think of the roller coaster's track as a simple line chart of the S&P index.  Take a good look at the trestle tower, I like to think of it as having been erected by the world's central bankers, and us Slopers as the paying thrill seekers in the roller coaster cars anticipating the exhilaration of what comes next.  If you still don't get exactly what I mean, perhaps this live video of the actual theme park ride will help:



So you see my fellow slope-a-dopes, as we wait for the Euro drama finale to unveil itself this week, we will roll back down the tracks to 1220 or so, at which point the global QE gears will firmly lock into place, quickly pulling us up the Grinch's Christmas tree tower to about 1330.  The unsuspecting gleeful whoville masses will usher in the New Year with great cheer…………….and then whooooosh!

Zoom back down we go………and only our fearless & glorious leader knows where we end up.Hohoholdon[1]



Evil Plan 25.0……..let the thrill ride begin!


BDI SOH's Idiot Savant







p.s.  It gets chilly in Winter, so I am picking up some UNG Jan calls @9 strike  ImagesCAY9F6Q0