Thoughts on 2011 and Forward (by Mark St. Cyr)

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Over the last year many things have come to pass. Some of you have had a fantastic year with marvelous opportunities, others may have hit walls that seemed thicker than most fortresses. Some experienced additions to their families, others have lost some. Regardless of where you find yourself one must always remember it’s called life. People, places, money, opportunities, careers, and more come and go like the tide washes in upon the shores. Nothing is written in stone, nothing is guaranteed. No matter what lies behind us or before us, the only thing we ourselves have complete control of is our own minds. It will be how each of us deals with whatever life throws at us good or ill. No one but ourselves is responsible for how one deals with life. It’s your decision to make every stride in the coming days to be your best, and it is also your decision to leave it up to the winds that blow if you decide not to make any decisions at all, but then again that is a decision is it not?

Life is for us the living to live. There is no way around this. The only ones whom no longer have a care in the world are the people in grave yards. It is not irrational to think that people we know, or people we look up to for what ever the reasons may it be scholars, wealth, business, statesman, and more with give all of it away or start from ground zero as a poor unknown to switch places with anyone living. All the accolades, all the riches, all the books, eulogies, and statues are meaningless compared to 30 seconds of life. Never confuse the two. Never take for granted that as your reading this or thinking in your private moments that the billions upon billions of people who have been here before you would gladly go without the personal possessions, money, or stature so many chase after just to switch places and be alive for 30 seconds let alone anything longer.

We live in an age that was unimaginable just a decade ago. Everything is in a flux, but it’s within these times of turmoil and upheaval where one can really change the world. Maybe you might think I’m sounding a little far-fetched or you’re thinking ” but you don’t know my circumstances.” and yes that’s true. However I will leave you with this to contemplate as you think of the new year ahead, and what path or part you may choose. This year in 2011 we lost Steve Jobs. He was a man, father, and brilliant entrepreneur. He brought us technology that is a testament to his genius and prowess as a business person. Although I never met Mr. Jobs, I would dare to say he would relinquish all of his past accomplishments to switch places with you and start again from that very spot you now occupy. Only in life do you have the power to construct your tomorrows, but you can only reach them by doing your work today. It’s your decision, don’t take it for granted.

Make 2012 the greatest year of your life. But start today!